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Videnskabelige artikler i internationale peer-reviewede tidsskrifter

  • Web-based cognitive training for breast cancer survivors with cognitive complaints—a randomized controlled trial.
    Damholdt M.F., Mehlsen M., O’Toole MS, Andreasen RK, Pedersen AD, Zachariae R (2016). Psycho-oncology.
  • Changes in cognitive functions and cerebral grey matter and their associations with inflammatory markers, endocrine markers, and APOE genotypes in testicular cancer patients undergoing treatment.
    Amidi A, Agerbæk M., Wu L.M., Pedersen A.D. Mehlsen M., ClausenC.R., Demontis D., Børglum A.D., Harbøll A., Zachariae R. (2016). Brain imaging and Behaviour, maj.
  • Klinefelter syndrome has increased brain responses to auditory stimuli and motor output, but not to visual stimuli or Stroop adaptation.
    Wallentin M, Skakkebæk A, Bojesen A, Fedder J, Laurberg P, Østergaard JR, Hertz JM, Pedersen A.D. Gravholt CH. (2016). NeuroImage: Clinical 11, 239–251
  • Long-term subjective cognitive functioning following adjuvant systemic treatment: 7–9 years follow-up of a nationwide cohort of women treated for primary breast cancer.
    Amidi A, Christensen S., Mehlsen M., Jensen A.B., Pedersen A.D., Zachariae R. (2015). British Journal of Cancer 1-8
  • Cognitive impairment and potential biological and psychological correlates of neuropsychological performance in recently orchiectomized testicular cancer patients.
    Amidi, A., Wu, L.M., Agerbæk, M., Larsen, P.L., Pedersen, A.D., Mehlsen, M., Larsen, L. & Zachariae, R. (2015). Psycho-Oncology, 24 (9), 1174-1180.
  • Work-related stress is associated with impaired neuropsychological test performance: a clinical cross-sectional study.
    Eskildsen, A., Andersen, L.P., Pedersen, A.D., Vandborg, S.K. & Andersen J.H. (2015). Stress, 18 (2), 198-207.
  • Are there reliable changes in memory and executive functions after cognitive behavioural therapy in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder?
    Vandborg, S. K., Hartmann, T. B, Bennedsen B.E., A. D., & Thomsen, P. H. (2015). Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, Vol. 20, issue 2
  • Cognitive status does not predict motor gain from post stroke constraint-induced movement therapy.
    Boe, E.W., Pedersen, A.D., Pedersen, A.R., Nielsen, J.F. & Blicher, J.U. (2014). Neuro-Rehabilitation, 34, 201-207.
  • Health and functioning in a stroke population five years after first incidence.
    Pallesen H., Pedersen A.D., Holst R. (2014). Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research, Vol.16, Issue 2
  • Anthropometry in Klinefelter syndrome – multifactorial influences due to CAG length, testosterone treatment and possibly intrauterine hypogonadism.
    Chang S., Skakkebæk A., Trolle C., Bojesen A., Hertz J.M., Cohen A., Hougaard D.M., Wallentin M., Pedersen A.D., Ostergaard J.R. & Gravholt C.H. (2014). The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 100 (3), 508-517.
  • Memory and executive functions in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder.
    Vandborg, S. K., Hartmann, T. B., Bennedsen, B. E., Pedersen, A. D., & Thomsen, P. H. (2014). Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology, 27 (1), 8-16.
  • Neuropsychology and brain morphology in Klinefelter syndrome – the impact of genetics.
    Skakkebæk A. Bojesen A., Kristensen M.K. , Cohen A., Hougaard D.M., Hertz M., Fedder J., Laurberg P., Wallentin M., Østergaard J.R., Pedersen A.D., Gravholt C.H. (2014). Andrology, 2, 632–640
  • Neuroanatomical correlates of Klinefelter syndrome studied in relation to the neuropsychological profile.
    Skakkebæk A., Gravholt C.H., Rasmussen P.M., Bojesen A., Jensen J.S., Fedder J., Laurberg P, Hertz J.M., Østergaard J.R., Pedersen A.D., Wallentin M. (2013). Neuroimage Clinical, 4, 1-9