Genoptræning og Rehabilitering i smukke omgivelser på Vejlefjord

Genoptræningen og Rehabiliteringen tilrettelægges altid med udgangspunkt i dit aktuelle funktionsniveau. Vi finder inspiration i dine interesser fra før skaden indtraf og inddrager dette i vores intervention for netop at skabe meningsfuldhed i træningen. Moderne redskaber baseret på den nyeste teknologi og den omkringliggende natur indgår så vidt muligt i rehabiliteringsforløbet.

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About Vejlefjord Rehabilitation

Vejlefjord Rehabilitation is a special rehabilitation hospital owned by Vejlefjord-Fonden. As a Danish commercial foundation, Vejlefjord-Fonden is fully independent of outside interests and has no owners. Since 1989 Vejlefjord-Fonden has been committed to provide treatment, course activities, and education within neurorehabilitation.

The foundation has a non-profit objective which generally seen includes treatment, support, and guidance to patients with brain injury and associated physical and mental disorders. This objective is pursued, among other things, by offering treatment and rehabilitation at Vejlefjord Rehabilitation, so that this group of patients is given the opportunity to enhance their quality of life, physical and cognitive functional capacities as well as potential to participate in social and vocational activities.

Vejlefjord Rehabilitation contributes to solving tasks within the public healthcare system and has a regional operating agreement and municipal payment agreements as financial foundation. In addition, courses of treatment and rehabilitative training programs at Vejlefjord Rehabilitation may also be financed by individuals and legal entities outside the public healthcare system.