Genoptræning og Rehabilitering i smukke omgivelser på Vejlefjord

Genoptræningen og Rehabiliteringen tilrettelægges altid med udgangspunkt i dit aktuelle funktionsniveau. Vi finder inspiration i dine interesser fra før skaden indtraf og inddrager dette i vores intervention for netop at skabe meningsfuldhed i træningen. Moderne redskaber baseret på den nyeste teknologi og den omkringliggende natur indgår så vidt muligt i rehabiliteringsforløbet.

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Vejlefjord Rehabilitation

Vejlefjord Rehabilitation is a private hospital owned by the Vejlefjord Foundation, and has a long history which reflects development in society and changes in the need for specialised treatment. Our patients come from all over Denmark and from overseas. We treat about 200 patients a year, many of whom have severely impaired cognitive and/or physical function

Vejlefjord Rehabilitation has two focal areas: rehabilitation after acquired brain injury and rehabilitation after operation and illness. Vejlefjord has specialist status in the field of rehabilitation after acquired brain injury.

We work in teams, and our goals are to give our patients renewed quality of life and to challenge their limits in training. All our patients are given an individual programme which is revised every week at an interdisciplinary team meeting.

The staff at Vejlefjord Rehabilitering include:

  • A neurologist
  • General practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • A dietician
  • Neuroeducators
  • A neurooptometrist
  • Social and health workers
  • Speech therapists

Vejlefjord is situated in unique surroundings of great natural beauty, which play an important role in the rehabilitation process. There are 20 km of paths through the woods and down to the fiord. These surroundings add quality of life to the training sessions, and add meaning to each and every person who comes here.

We have a gym which is fully equipped for all kinds of rehabilitation. We also have a warm water therapy pool, an AlterG machine, a LiteGait training device and electrical stimulation equipment.

Patients at Vejlefjord Rehabilitation have their own room with private toilet and bath, and every room has a balcony overlooking the fiord or the woods. The facilities are all accessible by wheelchair.

Food also plays an important part in rehabilitation, and we spend a great deal of time and effort in providing healthy, organic food for our patients. We are able to accommodate special dietary requests.

During your stay you will be given:

  • A treatment plan tailored to your needs and wishes
  • Individually planned training sessions, support and guidance
  • Guidance and support to make changes to your lifestyle
  • Good healthy organic food
  • An individual training programme to take home