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Research and Development Unit

The Research and Development Unit (EFEU) is an integral part of Vejlefjord Rehabilitation. Projects are conducted in-house as well as in cooperation with universities and other research environments and collaborators.

One of the unit’s major tasks is to develop, maintain and utilise Vejlefjord Rehabilitation’s own database. All clinical departments contribute by systematically collecting data for the database as part of their clinical routine. The database contains information including the type of brain damage or brain disease, the length of time since injury, demographic and socio-economic variables, as well as the results of standardised measures of cognitive, physical and socio-emotional functioning, quality of life, etc.

The Research and Development unit’s fields of interest include the rehabilitation of mental and physical functions after acquired brain damage or brain disease, the development and validation of assessment tools, the use of technology in neurorehabilitation, and value-based neurorehabilitation.

For further information, or if you would like to share or discuss new ideas or opportunities for collaboration, please contact the Head of Research and Development, Mette Underbjerg, PhD, at: meun@vejlefjord, or on tel. +45 40 61 72 02.

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